Jaiyeorie .. GIST FOR TODAY: #HurricaneHarvey victim curses out CNN reporter for interviewing her

Thursday, 31 August 2017

#HurricaneHarvey victim curses out CNN reporter for interviewing her


A woman who said she was displaceed for 5 days in Hurricane Harvey destruction, broke down and broadcast at a CNN reporter for interview with her on live TV. The mother, introduced to Danielle, said she waited for the police to save them, but when they did not arrive after 36 hours, they walked with her two young children "four feet of water" Filling station and then going to a filling station. A shelter just to get food. "We waited for the police for 36 hours and they never came. We walked to the gas station and someone picked us up. But we spent five days there without food, no lights and no one came." The reporter then asks: "Now you are with your children. We heard stories from mothers trying to save their children from the stormwater. Could you tell us how it was?" Then the distressed woman broke out and said, "We walked through four feet of water to get the first day - yes, it's a lot of shit. But you sit here and try to keep people at their worst times, it's Not the smartest thing to do. As people really break down, you sit here with cameras and microphones to ask us what the mistake is with us. " The reporter apologizes repeatedly but put the microphone back in front of the mother to ask another question and it hurts her. The mother said, "And you really try to understand - with the microphone that's still in my face, cold with me, my children are wet and you still put the microphone in my face." She walks down at that point and the CNN news anchor says: "You seem to have a very untrusted family there, we'll take a break."
Watch the video below.

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