Jaiyeorie .. GIST FOR TODAY: Tosin Bucknor’s French husband pens down a heartfelt tribute to her late dad

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tosin Bucknor’s French husband pens down a heartfelt tribute to her late dad


Tosin Bucknor French husband
 Aurélien ‘Omowale Ajala’ Boyer, has taken to Instagram to pen down a heartfelt tribute to her late dad.
Accordingt to Boyer, he would have loved to know the OAP’s late dad from the beginning, because he’s sure the deceased’s youth is worth a million gist. Here’s what he wrote;
“Dear Segun Bucknor, E kaa ro,
I know you but would have loved to know more on the beginning of your day. You need to tell me a lot about you. I’m sure your youth is worth a million gists. You made me realize we never ask ourselves enough the right questions, at the right time: what is a dad and his importance in life? How did you live through adult age, questions, responsabilities? How was your family life in Yaba? A million gists… But you’ve left a million memories people love to share, starting from your wonderful wife Sola.
Dear Segun Bucknor, E kaa san,
You left a great musical legacy at the afternoon of your life. The first thing I loved when I discovered Nigeria 5 years ago was afrobeat music. I am proud to see people’s reactions when realizing you are my father-in-law. Your daughter will maintain this flame ablaze.
Dear Segun Bucknor, E ku irole,
At the sunset of your life, your 2 beautiful daughters started building upon & honouring your legacy. Your not-so-impressive heights. How you compensate with your generosity, authenticity and sense of humour. Funke keeps your endless energy, friendliness and willingness to communicate alive. Tosyn keeps your creativity, 10 phones, cute chin & little mouth, naughty smile and…coca cola addiction alive. You even gave me the most important clue to make my wife happy: ‘give her what she wants, give her what she needs’, as you sang.

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