Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Your Skin Will Melt! Vera Sidika Warned By Worried Kenyans


Fans are accusing her of getting lighter and more plastic after her UK trip. This is after she has posted several images on her Instagram page. Some of the harsh comments are below:
mwita_kevin: Unakaa smokie imetolewa ngozi
churchill_okello: Waah hii ni Samantha ya waluhya_
moha.jnr: @queenveebosset Sure,plastic will make perfect but not permanent sweetheart,u gonna melt oooh that’s where u heading to.u plus albinos
tinker_oo.o: Even the whites wanna become blacks so bad that they even tan their bodies to look darker! And u are still bleaching to look like a piggy snow! U used to be my favorite but not anymore
mosesmulwani: A perfect plastic
fantastic_sparta_kym: We live in upgraded world of plastics…umemaliza Plastic has been banned in Kenya
breanabubbles: @kubwabwaja_veepe no I’m not jealous. I am whiter than her (I am white). I just think that her color looks kind of unhealthy here and that she is missing some color
your_hotchocolate: That skin is gonna fall off
yourdiet_plan: So pale stepen_hazard
Samantha4dhis: @jerobon_juelz I’ve grown to love my skin (NB largest organ of my body) even more because of things like this. Mungu si mjinga
winnytru_richards:  plastic makes perfect
pjulie_julie: You are now a white white
cuete_ferraro: Plastic not permanent
caribean_dj: Plastics here and there
official_peter_ke: No wonder vera doesn’t come close to fire
mike_angorey: Hii colour yako tutaiitaje pink or white ata wazungu wanakuonea wivu
playboi_3sum: Remember plastic got banned in Kenya. Should be imported
amandictor: Too pale girl
jkadush: Una shine ni kama umewekwa cover mpya ya juala
Vera has been honest about her past of bleaching and enhancing features on her body. I don’t think the comments will affect her in any way. She is living her best life…even if that is in plastic.

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